Daniel AMP Reminds Listeners That Adversity “Can’t Stop Us”
— The Christian Beat
Daniel AMP is a talented up-n-coming CHH artist with the courage to speak out when need be. “My America” is as heartfelt as they come and here’s what he had to say about it,
— CHH Today
We at Think Bigger, are big fans of this track ‘Light It Up’, it is totally in-keeping with the Hip-Hop sound, coming out of America right now. It is current, well produced, strong, lyrically and relevant. Both rappers featured on the track alongside Daniel AMP; Steven Malcolm and Loso, go HARD on their verses.
— Think Bigger
The state side vibes are apparent from the start. The heavy back track will have you nodding your head right until the end.
— Kingdom Culture
“In “My America,” Daniel addresses the challenges we face living in a world with many different outlooks on life, but present this question what if my America looks different than yours?”
— Rapzilla
Daniel sheds light into darkness as he calls out fellow artists who are only worried about the money, fame, and women. “How you change the game when they chasing chains?” he inquires. Daniel conveys his message; he is here to make a change.
— I'm From Cleveland (IFC)
To kickstart the season, AMP delivers “Light It Up.” AMP’s aggressive tone compliments the Rock-Meets-Hip Hop inspired production. His clever wordplay is met with a speedy delivery that adds to the energetic record
— Maria Myraine